Young Winegrowers from Alsace

The Young Independent Winegrowers

Young winegrowers to promote Alsace wines


The group was formed on the initiative of some young winegrowers in 2016.
The rules for joining the group are simple: you must be under 40, independent, work in sustainable viticulture and promote local wines.

The interest of such a group is multiple. On the one hand, it brings together future or current business leaders in order to compare our techniques, our operating methods and our ways of reaching markets. This group is open to the outside world, with the awareness that in an evolving world, it is good to think on all fronts.
This part of our work is oriented towards acquiring the means and knowledge to ensure the sustainability of our companies among today's generation. We are aware that we have to be the first ambassadors of a vision of wine based on the unique personality of our terroirs, of our region, of our history and of our culture.

The Young Winegrowers of Alsace seek to give an intellectual added value to their wines. The aim is to make this diversity the foundation of a renewed image for a better promotion of the identity of Alsace wines.The young winegrowers organise meetings, tastings and create partnerships that meet these objectives. We target the final consumer in order to train him to better consume our wines, as well as the professionals involved in our industry (restaurants, distribution, prescribers, etc.). On the other hand, it is also a space that allows the organization of conferences. These conferences are intended to be general with biographical openings. 

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