Missions, team

The Synvira

The Syndicate of Independent Winegrowers of Alsace

The Syndicate of Independent Winegrowers of Alsace (Synvira), a professional winegrowing organisation created in 1971, is a major player in the Alsatian wine industry. It supports its members in the defence of their profession and in the development of their activity from A to Z by providing numerous professional services: advice, training, legal defence, information, commercial support.

Our missions

Political and trade union

to be a source of proposals to defend the interests, the existence and the sustainability of the Independent Winegrowers of Alsace

Sales and marketing support

with the organisation of commercial fairs, events and wine tourism activities (Apéro Gourmand, Picnic, New Wine at the Winegrower's, Winegrower and Grape-picker for a Day...)

Collective communication

with the logo of the Independent Winegrowers, recognised by the consumer as the sign of a high standard, the emblem of independent winegrowing, rich in the diversity of its terroirs and the know-how of its men and women

The business development

with the development of tools to improve performance (training, information, technical reports...)

Our values


for the diversity of our members, our commercial and political partners...


between winegrowers, towards visitors and partners to encourage collective actions


to our members, to the union, and proud to be promoters of new ideas!

Our members

 The Independent Winegrowers, through their actions, even if they are highly individualised, are part of a collective dimension.

There are nearly 450 members who welcome you along the Alsace Wine Route and are fully part of the regional landscape. Responsible and committed winegrowers, particularly for our environment, with more than half of the winegrowers certified in organic farming or High Environmental Value, and who manage their activity from A to Z, from the vine to the wine in your glass.

You can find the list of independent winegrowers who are members of Synvira in the directory of winegrowers.

The Independent Winegrowers of France

 Since 1982, the SYNVIRA has been a member of the national movement of the Independent Winegrowers of France, which brings together nearly 7,000 winegrowers throughout France and allows you to discover the wines of our regions at the various trade fairs that it organises.

Created in 1981, the logo of the Independent Winegrowers remains today the sign for consumers of an authentic wine, produced in the respect of the soil and the traditions. 80% of wine lovers recognise the logo.