Profession, philosophy

What is an Independent Winegrower ?

A craftsman in both the vineyard and the cellar. A winegrower is a person who cultivates his vineyard, makes his wine and sells it. He refuses the industrialisation and standardisation of wines.
Responsible, the independent winegrower fully assumes the quality of his work, with respect for the environment and with the aim of satisfying his customers.
Committed, he chooses to use innovative working methods, without denaturing his heritage which he preserves and defends.
To mark the commitment and quality of his work, each winegrower has signed the Independent Winegrower Charter.

The Independant Winegrower's Charter

He cultivates his vineyard while respecting his terroir.

He makes his own wine in his cellar.

He sells his wine by sharing his passion.

The logo, a recognised collective mark

The "Vigneron Indépendant" collective brand is today a strong brand, the symbol of our values.

Our logo is the sign of a high standard and a philosophy. The emblem of an independent viticulture rich from the diversity of terroirs, climates and the know-how of men and women who share our values.

It is also a commercial reference, our logo being recognised and identified in the wine world.